Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have tried to answer some of the most common questions visitors to our website may have.
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I have lost all my keys! What the heck do I do now?
What is a master key? What are they used for?
Do you have a masterkey to fit my locks?
What are bump keys?
I’ve lost all the keys to my car, can you help me?
What is a transponder key?
Can you cut a motorcycle/ATV/Tractor keys?
After hours can I bring something to the shop to have it worked on with your 24 hour service?
I seem to be having trouble getting a working copy of a key made, why is that?
Can you replace or service automotive keyless entry remotes?
Does it damage my lock when you open it?
What if need help getting into a home that is not mine? Or if I need keys to a car that I borrowed?