Transponder Keys

For all vehicle makes and models

Most vehicles today have upgraded the security of the ignition lock by adding in a radio transmitter called a "transponder" into the key itself.

As it stands today in 2019 - We can do keys to almost any vehicle on the road, with some exceptions of exotic vehicles. Contact us with your year, make and model for pricing and availability. See our automotive page under services for more details of our offerings.

We have done what it takes to be able to make keys for these newer vehicles. Computerized key machines like the one pictured keep us on the cutting edge of the field along with hand held scanning tools which we use to plug into your cars OBD port to program new keys into the car. On some vehicles we service the car using Eeprom techniques. This involves removing the vehicles computer modules from the car, disassembling down to the circuit board. We can then manipulate the data on the memory chips directly. Up until recent years when some very smart folks started to figure out how to do this type of work there were many cars on the road that were impossible to service through the standard OBD port. With the new methods available the list of vehicles that we can't service has shrunk to nearly zero. For many years dealerships of some models have taken advantage of the inability of locksmiths to make keys by really keeping the prices abnormally high. Always check with us first before using a dealer or other mechanic to service any vehicles security system. We will quote you a very competitive price every time.

We can also handle most of the newer "proximity" based remotes which don't have a traditional mechanical key at all. You keep your remote in your purse or pocket and just press a button to start the car.