We always have a selection of different types of safes in stock for your various needs. From large gun safes to smaller 1 hour fire safes to commercial grade money chests- we have it or can get it quickly.

One of our favorite brands of safes is AMSEC. Click HERE to see their complete catalog.

Scroll down for a list of common questions and answers about safes.

Vault - Locksmith in Eugene,OR
Vaults - Locksmith in Eugene,OR
closeup Vaults - Locksmith in Eugene,OR
1. Which safe is both fire and burglary protective?
2. Are all fire resistive safes tested and proven?
3. Does a round door or a rectangular door offer better protection?
4. Which is better, a key lock, a standard combination lock or an electronic lock on a safe?
5. Can a combination lock be opened by manipulation (like in movies)?
6. What is a relocking device?
7. Why are some hinges bolted on and others welded on? Which is safer?